Warranties, Shipping Damage & "As Is" Purchases



If an item becomes un-usable while covered under a Product or Manufacturers WARRANTY, it will be replaced with either;

> an equal item

> a similar item, or

> a store credit

depending on availability and / or the discretion of Antiquana.

If your item is - or was - covered by a Warranty, it is - or was - listed on the product information page. In addition, the item would be - or would have been - shipped with a Warranty Certificate, which would detail the particulars of the Product Warranty.

If you have a product covered by a Warranty and it has ceased to function, please contact us immediately and provide the following,

> Your name, address & contact information

> The item number

> Date of purchase

> Describe the issue

> Upload the pictures or video showing the defect

> If we require additional information we will request it at the time that your claim is being investigated.

Your claim will be managed as soon as we have received ALL relevant information.

UNLESS otherwise stated in Specific Product or Item Warranties, ALL shipping charges resulting from Warranty Issues are the responsibility of the buyer.


Shipping Damage

Antiquana ships ONLY packages / boxes that are in excellent condition and we take pictures of our parcels before sending them out.

Should you receive a package that is showing obvious shipping damage, please do the following,

> BEFORE YOU OPEN the package, take several pictures or video of the package / box that CLEARLY shows the damage or the condition of the package that you have received (our sender address and your recipient address MUST be visible as well) .

Go to the Contact Us page on Antiquana.com and submit the following:

> Your name, address & contact information

> The item number

> Date of purchase

> Describe the issue

> Upload the pictures or video clearly showing the damage

All our shipments are insured and we will immediately file a claim with the relevant shipping agent, submitting both, our pictures (taken at the time of shipping) and your pictures (showing the damage).

Although it may take weeks to receive compensation from the shipping company or their insurance, we will immediately credit your account with your purchase amount (product & shipping charges) so that you may purchase another item instead.


“As Is" Purchase

As stated in or Return Policy, there are ...

... NO Returns or Exchanges on “As Is” items …

… UNLESS a Specific Product Warranty is included with the Item at the time that it was purchased..



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